But the question in most of the cases is:
Which combination for starters is the best and cheapest,
to find out what is the best way to go?
That means, the first combination should be very versatile,
to try different coils and watts.
I would say, buy a Pico, a very simple RDA with wide 2 posts
and SS wire in about 0.30/0.35/0.40 mm,
the total price should be around 50$.

That does not mean, RDAs are the best choice,
but you can fast change the setup to test a lot:
do we need TC, do we need a booster, do we need to change ramp up time ... ?
And after these evaluations, it is much more easy,
to change to a more specific combination.

Starting at the roots makes more sense than just to buy e.g. first an AIO,
or to buy an atty with premade expensive coils.