There are companies who will not sell single battires to the public, Panasonic is one company, they sell for repair for laptop or simular and do not want individuals buying them... But you know what ever the label is, if they are junk the word soon spreads just like "Ultrafire" fake and junk, but there are good quality battires out there, and you soon know when you have tested them for a few months, so buy more from the same people with the same name on the label.

All mine say "KingJohn" 3500ma 35W with shrink sleave, never for sale just for me, Imren were the best at the time I bought them, but probably switched back to the main name "Samsung" "Sony" or more, these people overstock and want to sell quickly.

So far the Amazon ones are lasting well, aver all 7.5W will even make a UntraFire look good, its time that counts, 6 years or more still working well, Sony Laptop 15 years old, battries still charge and last a few hours, but the nasty bateries would have gone bang by now