Well after buying many box mods I ended up with an iStick TC 60W and a Aspire Nautilus mini with SKU 1959500 coils, bought 2 of the iStick mods and had a lot of fun with every type of coil you can think off, making lots of vape clouds... So i stopped smoking for 3 years (about 6 years ago) but started again after those 3 years had passed, mostly because the wife was still smoking (the excuse i use)

So now I want to start again, I threw away thosands of pounds of vape stuff, but my own iStick with a Nautilus mini, and one of those metal scroll covers on it. The coils have been great SKU 1959500 ive used a long time and still have 50 of them.

But the second iStick didnt have a tank fitted must have thrown it out. Bought a Eleaf Nautilus mini tank, normal glass tank, air flow adjustable, but its not as good as mine.

So I see there is now a new tank and new coils on Eleaf web site, silly price in UK

im seeing Eleaf GZ Coils and Eleaf GTL Coils, dont know what the are like compared to my old coils.

So I need to buy a tank that will use copy of eleaf BVC coils, and BVC coils to fit it here on fasttech

please help me save hundreds of hours, and costly mistakes. In the past I have bought Kanger kits, Millo tanks and a lot more. So think about the old Nautilus min, whats the new one with those smaller coils

any links to good quality copies to get me updated.

Thanks in advance for any help

I use around 7.5W with my own mix vape liquid, re started on 12Mg, by luck my mod is still working, the second mod for my wife has no tank. I could use up my coils and buy the new tank later with new updated coils

wish me luck in givinjg up smoking again, but this time the wife will also vape

Heck I had 20 40A battries ha ha, all gone, lucky Amazon UK will deliver them...


Kanger Subox Mini 50W, SMY Touch Box 100W , Vamo V5 15W, Coolfire 1, Eleaf 60W TC, Home brew e-liquid

My sig says it all, only Eleaf 60W TC x 2 left