Hefty price tag !
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#11 (permalink)      12/2/2021 11:20:03 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I myself, will be loving it! Bought the Full Boat!... Except! for the MTL Pins.
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carrion4worm wrote:

It includes the current popular pins, as Billets have been catering to a tight draw since 2016. Right now, the popularity of these devices currently is the addition of high volume airflow styles. You guys that have never machined might not realize it, but those "airpins" are super intricate and time consuming for manufacturers.And guess what? 5 years ago, we all asked, BEGGED, for these types of options.Bless SXK...it's them, original products, or nothing. There are no "others" making Billet bridges, NO ONE. The original is available at VapinArt, for all ballers!