Nothing wrong with it, why would be, Alien? =D Glad to see mech vapers around every time, especially old school mech vapers!
I notoriously return to them all the time, though regulated has a certain roll in my "vaping life".

Years ago, I had a second, dirt cheap Emma mod from al ix, that came with a useless top cap (pos. pin is far too short) And happy to give a new life for it. (...but actually, this one is my first, from here!)

@Troepfler: vinegar is good for cleaning as Cmj mentioned, I find the most efficient (and faster, though maybe less environmental friendly? but you don't need to do it every second day) ;) the Brasso (called "Miror" in this country), just give a good rub to your copper/brass mods / their parts with a piece of cloth, then wash it with warm water and soap. (or anything that you use for washing up)