MitchL wrote:

Do I need to post a definition of vapor lock in a rta for Carrion4worms? It is when the vacuum in the tank exceeds the ability to wick juice through the substrate.

Why would you need to? what's the relevance? When it happens, remove some cotton, simple.

EDIT: I suppose if the tank is full, just crack the top to allow wicking, until the tank is able to be corrected.

The pains of Billet wicking arent like rtas, which was what I was discussing. Cute comment, but out of place in this context. No one doubts my abilities as a highly advanced vaper, I just tell the truth that others won't, because of "pride" I guess....or some silly reason.

Everybody who uses rtas has had dry hits or leaks. Everybody. People exaggerate, thinking no one will notice. WRONG.