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#31 (permalink)      10/20/2021 11:36:54 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Just started using Rayon. Don't find any difference in taste but definitely find that it lasts a bit longer than muji pad cotton, especially when using very sweet juice (Lost art liquids Slotter Pop).
Can anyone please tell me the correct product number on the large box of Graham cellucotton that is suitable for vaping. I think it was that correct?
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lazyfitter wrote:


Yes. That is the correct one.

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Cotton is grown in several countries and processed in several factories. Quality differs. The ones i bought locally have been crap for vaping (clean eco brands, both pads and balls) and they have also differ in taste. Some have been fine to taste, but shrunk to much to be usable. And some have had a real bad taste. Also difference in how well they transport fluid.

But that is also true for vaping brands. Got Kendo vape cotton at one point, think it was the gold one. Tasted like an old sports bag for several refills.

What we can know is that there most likely isn't a single vaping brand that is not just a repacked cotton that is used in some other fashion as well.

I also got a kg of hemp fibers from a manufacturer at a point. Very nice wicking properties, but had a earthy taste... works fine for tobacco juices as it kinda complements it.

What is also true is that the ability to taste differs from person to person. I have a very sensitive taste system and am probably a supertaster. (science suggest that 25% are nontasters, 50% medium tasters and 25% supertaster) (i do think that its more to it than that though, would probably find even more diversity like, nontaster, lesstaster, mediumtaster, moretaster, supertaster, superdupertaster and so on) So individuality matters.
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zarck could not agree more. Try cotton bacon Version 2, not the prime. That is what I use and I feel like I can taste big differences in the cotton I have tried.

Also as much as we all love to hate J haze, the cotton he gets is pretty good. It does look like crap, and is slightly more expensive but it is pretty good flavor wise. Or lack of flavor wise I should say. Also the wicking properties are different, so when you see him use what looks like to much cotton, it is really just a different cotton types absorption rate.

I also do a preliminary break in on fresh cotton in a build, I wet the wicks until they are very saturated and burn the liquid off with a few fires and repeat the process 3-5 times. I find that pretty much every cotton I have ever tried has some break in time regardless of what the package says, but repeating this process is worth it and shortens break in time.

I do fully believe though that taste buds vary like you said, if not that then it would have to be a mass conspiracy of people who say they can't taste a difference in cottons, and that is just silly. I believe they can't just like I believe I can. It also seems logical because the people that say they can usually report a similar bad taste.