"Anything that resembles this RTA in a 22mm form factor? Something that has a push/slide top cap to refill?"

Not that I know of, but I would love it if there was. I have a few older mods that only look right with 22MM and it is always nice to find something for them. I don't know if I care if it is slide fill or not though, I don't know that I have had anything that was slide fill before.

cilika, I did not even know there was a combo deal until it was to late. I got the RTA at a site in the US, and they did not offer the mod. I really like the little RTA but I had kind of sworn off nic salts and now to use it and get any satisfaction I need them. Not sure what it is about nic salts but they make me feel anxious, and I hate it. Maybe a 12 MG regular nic 50/50 if I can find one would be good enough.

The little RTA is a bit small to build on, but it works great, I used 24 gauge wire I should have just used 26, I had to completely remove a screw to get it in the deck. It also takes coil heads, and they include one with the RTA.