Like many vapers, I suspect after a few years, I am on the downswing of purchasing products.

I reluctantly put away one Fatality 25 just now and one Oxva Arbiter. Two Zeus X finally bit the dust.
On top of that I seem to be going though a momentary period of vapers tongue.

I vaped 2 recipes for a long time but 1.5 years ago I developed an interest in various one shots but it seems I am struggling to finish the few of them.
That has put me back to still enjoying the 2 earlier ones, one recipe and one one shot, thereby creating less need for multiple atomizers.

Seems the past week I have only been using the two QP Juggerknot MR single coil atomizers, at about 23w

The Fatality 25 dual coil, unlike you at 105w I only used at 35w but I think I am tiring of such open DL and preferring a more restricted DL such as the single coil MR.

Hence, the Steamcrave as wonderful as i am sure I would have found it, just came of interest I think at the wrong time for me.

I am even sitting on a bunch of 27100 mods and find myself just reaching for either the Geekvape solo or the SX Mini MX class-both of which are just single 18650's

I might just put everything away and use only the 2 Juggerknot MR but if I do that, I will unlikely pick up the new Oxva and pick up one more MR.........but of course, next week it could be a completely different story. 😁