18350 is STILL a waste of time for anyone that leaves their home for longer than a couple hours

Wrong, Carrion. For example, when out, I hardly chain vape, at least not in car and not in closed/ interior places. Carrying spare batteries is easy and if you build for it, it lasts a couple of hours even with chain vaping (far more when you're not.) I also hate to fill up a room with fog in 2 min.

Referring to other discussions, those who vape on other ohm ranges than you, - mines, most RTA's are set up between .7- .9ohm, except for smaller (16-18mm) ones, only when used on very small mods that have a 1ohm cut off, lol, if already had the chance to have them,
some others and especially RDA's keeping at around .3-.4 ohm, and mostly using plain simple kantal,
- can tell you, between .7 and 1.2ohm the difference can be/ I can find huge!
Now, obviously, if you try to throw a much higher build in a proportionally too big chamber, you'll never be able to understand what others can like on it.

Like/unlike, when I try to vape on thicker fused coils with higher watts, the most probably it'll put my throat on fire, still can see and imagine why others appreciate it...

Peeps are not the same, dear ;)