We've come a long ways from Ego's
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We've come a long ways from Ego's
Yep. I haven't peeked into this sub for a good little while and I can't say I recognize any of the terminology in the titles. I was personally an Ego fan from the onset and pretty much kept with it because when I bought a box mod the vapor was too strong for me (akin to too much smoke in my lungs it choked me) so I gave it up to someone with better lungs and went back to Ego... then tobacco... which I reduced to insignificant amounts... then just stopped, where I'm at now, tobacco free/vape free.
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Ego's weren't the beginning even though I started at the same place
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I also started on the eGos but what a faff they were, miniscule capacity, filling with syringes, constant washing of rubber bungs and plastic mouthpieces...multiple chargers all on the go...

I recall being really quite excited when the eGo-B came out with it's "large" capacity of 1.1mls...iirc (?)
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Here is my progression...
First I bought and used an Ego, Then a Vamo and later a M16.
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From Cigarettes to Ego, GS-H2 tank, got it from a friend, I remember we used to rebuild those micro coils. Not to mention that we smoking DIY liquid from the start. Or me. He started with disposables.
Then came the GS-H5.
Than a Caravella clone with an old school dripper. one airhole, it was probably 1mm but we drilled it to 2 or 2,5mm.
Bought a brass SMPL, and a Derringer clone, probably V1.
Vaping for a year, never touching a cigarette. Started at 12mg, vaping 6-4mg nic at this point, usually mtl, but with a lot of airflow and sometimes with dual coil.... sometimes us it as RDL... I love my Derringer clone.

university, dorm life, alcohol, smoking cigarettes again. I roll my own. I love to roll my cigarettes, i love to smoke, I don't wanna quit smoking.
Tobacco prices go up . I don't have any regular income. Need to cut down on my expenses.
Start to Vape again, 9mg still Derringer. But also have a Le Magister clone.
Bought a Le Mirage clone too.
vaping for a year. worked my way down to 6mg.
weather update: girlfriend is pregnant, I'm happy that I did not smoke for more than a year before this, also. I. am. Scared.
SMPL died. Brass button stucked in the tube, can't get it out... oh well gotta buy a new SMPL, this time SS.
Bought a Tube style RTA too, This is my new favourite.
Left the setup in the kitchen window, cant find it. probably a filthy middle schooler stole it.
Smoke for a month or more.. New smpl. it's black. Derringer got stolen. Derringer is discontinued everywhere. Oh well. Tube style RTA is awesome.
It's a girl.
Finals at the university. Smoking again. For months.
Bought a Bellus rta. I use it in dual coil.
Moving out from the appartment derrniger was not under any furniture. frickin middle schooler, hope it blowed your hand down.
Bellus RTA is awesome. Using as mtl, but rdl-ing when I feel like it.
Did I mention that I bought a Zeus X clone too? no? Have never used it... sits in the drawer till this day.
Working for real now. Nobody vaping, everybody smoking. Back to rolling cigarettes.
Smoking for a year again.
I don't care about my health but it's frickin Expensive. Cant afford anything.
Vaping my bellus again.
Bellus broke.
Vaping Tube style Rta, Bellus got discontinued.
Tube RTA always leaking for some reaosn. Also out of cotton.
Smoking again, occasionally Vaping
Reunite with friend who introduced me to vaping.
Okay maybe regulated is better than mech.
Order a regulated mod (croma r) and a Dvarw v2 (04.feb.2021) Still use these daily
I dont smoke, so I have money to spare.
Ordered a wasp (my first authentic RBA), Intrested in squonking.
Trying to RDL/DL... Can't. Juice is too strong.
Wanna try squonk. Starting to use FT forums. Learn that my old batteries were constant fire hazards in my pocket. Reading a bunch of Mooch stuff about batteries.
Ordering a bunch of things I'll never use.
First squonk I like: V-aponaute Styled RDA, using it as MTL with a broken Undergrund styled squonk mech, using 21700 for the first time.
Berserker mini, it is awesome but tank too small. Using it occasionally
Learning about coils. Ordering a bunch
Mtl squonkin time!
Berserker v2, too loud, flavour is weak
STNG, love it
Galaxies, too tricky for me
Pulse V2, awesome!
1928, Nice
Holic, worth the money
INTENSE MESH, love it use it daily

L200 mod got realased. bought it... will be good for mesh and dl vaping

RTA time!
KF Prime, buildeck is tiny
TF GTR, love it
KF Lite 2021, haven't tried yet
Dvarw FL, the bestest but this is just for backup
Siren V4 arrived nowdays
TF GT3 on it's way

Supbox on it's way
Mixx in cart
Already started to learn about Boro RBAs and bridges, and bridges, Still want an RDL/DL setup

Moral of the story? Don't break your unbreakable mech tube, and don't left it in the kitchen window because somebody walking on your hanging corridor could stole it. Honestly if these would have not happend I would still vape my old derringer clone and wouldn't buy s***t every other week.

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etcetera wrote:

this sub

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The only thing I have left from "The Good Old Days" is this one, built like a tank and still working. (I even still have a few coils for it)
Customised by a wrap.
I'll never part with it even although it's like sucking a golf ball through a pipe, Might suit those "Proper" MTL vapers that are always complaining that they can't get a proper MTL tank.

Insert smart and witty comment here.....
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iClear? Wa-a-a-ay too loose. Just absolutely sloppy.
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right on cue, lol!


I read your post to the tune of "We didn't start the Fire" by Billy Joel.(maybe you get it...)

Lol, it was like a 30 second history lesson!
What does he mean when he says words?