RattyRat wrote:

And dotAIO too right?

As @Carrion4worm said; No chance unfortunately. DotAIO RBAs and Billet Box Bridges are very different sizes unfortunately;

cilika wrote:

Tell me please about the Dot RBA options. I'll be probably getting SKU 9725182 but if any RBA is available that fits into the stock tank, would be great to know.

I have 4 RBAs for the DotAIO. There are a couple of others out there as well but I don't find there to be a huge difference in performance unless the RBA is of a very specialised ilk. The only one I wouldn't recommend is DotMod's own RBA. It's a little basic for what you get and performance behind most other alternatives;

Mine are all authentic so not sure if the clones are different but from left to right;
Atmizoo DotShell; Very versatile for MTL to RDL. Relatively easy to build on, especially if you have experience with the VapeShell and/or VapeSnail decks. Condensation build up is about average.
MTL pins need to be purchased separately. I personally find the RDL performance slightly better than the MTL performance but it is still good all round
DotMission RBA; Pretty versatile RBA. I find this a little easier to build on than the DotShell because of the deck having a cutout for your coil tool. A little less condensation build up to the DotShell. Similar performance to the DotShell but I prefer the MTL this bridge gives with the included 1mm pin. This RBA comes with 1.0-3.5mm air reducers
EVL Dot Spot; EVL deck in a DotAIO bridge. If you haven't built this type of deck before, it might not be as intuitive as the previous two. Wicking is slightly trickier. Condensation is less than the two above because this RBA takes up the whole of the RBA cavity. Again, similar but good performance for RDL however if the optional MTL pins are purchased separately, I find this to have a stronger and true restricted MTL performance with the 0.8mm pin compared to the above
SVT Bilux; This is a one trick pony but it is quite a magnificent pony. Pure MTL with SVT's usual crappy approach to airflow restriction ie. External plastic crap on the condensation plug.
This is only capable of a very tight MTL to restricted MTL. No loose MTL here.
Smallest deck to work with and slightly higher learning curve on wicking too. The most difficult to build on. I get no condensation with this unit, even so, there is the option of lining the condensation plug with cotton (there is a reservoir for it) which makes it an even cleaner bridge to use.
True and flavourful MTL Draw. A personal favourite.
Very low power requirements and also increased capacity (0.5ml more than the others) due to the design. Very efficient with juice as well.
I almost exclusively pair this with a DotAIO mini (18350) due to the efficiency with battery/juice and increased capacity.