I've often though that many DOT AIO tanks, rbas, and panels may work with the Ohm Vape, but with a Mosfet any build higher than .2, .25 will suffer and power will sag...many vapers use these devices in mtl, low wattage situations where it isn't as obviously noticed, but it's still there, sagging and dragging!

We had a discussion recently where users gave their idea of "being a builder"...well, I build to every device. First, know the mod style (mech, mosfet, regulated). Then, the atomizer. Does it have air options? MTL? RDL? size of deck and screws, etc. should determine build, and is the only way to optimize any atomizer. There is no "build to rule them all", BUT, for MTL people, a regulated mod is a must, maybe with at least 5 volts output.

To the OP: The Supbox is a great way to get in and test the water! I own two DNA models, but the Sevo is great too. I don't blame you at all for the price it is....less than 50.00 is a steal for a Boro mod, and if you don't care for them, you've got a nice SBS.

The easiest set up may be the Exocet V2, and a "normal" Boro tank, with the sliding glass front. We tend to know Billets and Boros here at FT, so when the time comes, ask!