My first Aio was the Ohm Vape.. It was under $20 and takes Dot rbas... So I thought it wasn't too bad as a first Aio.. They aren't around anymore..

Then I got a Dot Aio... Which has plenty of rba options, but its only so powerful.. and you can't dial in wattage.. The Billet is the OG, regulated, boro bridges will give you more options later down the road, and you have the standard 18650..

If you want a first Aio.. I'd go all out, get one of the new color DNA Billets...

The lipo in the Delro may deter you in some way.. as it doesn't last long... Being that I have 10 boro/bridge mods.., it doesn't bother me.. But if it were the only Aio I had, it would get cumbersome..