Back to the subject of SBS mods, I've really been enjoying my new Hippovape B'adapt Pro in red/brown translucent.

24mm RTA's fit, but only 22mm if you want to use the cage. 18650/21700. Surprisingly short and light for a 21700 mod.

The only con I have is the firing button is on the side, and the up and down button is where the firing button is on most mods. Pressing the up and down at the same time locks the wattage, so accidently pressing them like the firing button on a normal device unlocks the wattage and changes the setting before I realize I'm not getting a hit. I've already learned to pay closer attention whenever I pick it up.

For about forty bucks this mod is a great deal so far.. I just hope it lasts longer than my Mechlyfe Paramours.