That title is a reference to an episode of the US show Seinfeld where the Soup Nazi says, "No soup for you!"

Anyway, I just put 10 bottles of nicotine salt in my cart along with 2 other items, then bought $75 in Paypal gift certificates, and went to check out..


"We can't ship e-liquids to the United States."

That's very odd considering every single page of these salts say "Free shipping to United States."

I basically knew it was too good to be true. $5.26 for a 30ml 35mg bottle is extremely cheap compared to about $30 in local shops, not to mention roughly $15 online before shipping, sales tax, excise tax, and adult signature fees. The US has gone completely insane against its own population lately.

I just figured that these cheap liquids probably taste like total crap or something, but for the price I was willing to take the gamble.

Well, I can't try them if FT won't send them.. And now I have over $75 in gift certificates that I would rather have kept in the bank.

Yes, this is a slight rant, but I'm also curious.

Has anyone actually tried these liquids from Steam Tribe, Necktie Vape, and Karnoo? If so, are they any good?

Then does anyone know (or have any ideas) about how to get around this? (Of course I'm not necessarily asking for illegal advice.)