So here are these two "legendary" atties that I never had the chance to try. There are a ton of versions out there and there a ton of different clones (for each versions)...
I now my favourite RTA is a Dvarw V2 clone, with the 1mm insert, so i like tight MTL vaping, that info should narrow the list of the different versions. Also I am a simple guy so most of the time i use 26ga A1 kanthal round wire. 6-8 wraps, 2,5mm inner diameter so small build deck was never a problem for me. (used to rebuild gs-h2 clearomizer coils when I started vaping lol, but back then i had more patience too :) )

Nuff said, to the point! would you reccomend me some affordable TF and KF clones I should try please?

I now looking at these (sold here):

YFTK TF GTR Styled RTA SKU 9699726

ST TF GTR Styled RTA SKU 9719374(cuz it's cheap af)

(can you use the GT4 as "proper" MTL? doesn't looks like it can be use with really tight draw so I have no gt4 on my wishlist)

KF Lite Plus 2021 Styled RTA SKU 9736888 (it's got 2021 in its name so it should be better than the 2019 or older right? and for 11.50USD? but is it worth it or is it garbage? or SKU 9735545 other 2021 but for a little more money.

KF Prime Styled RTA SKU 9436900 (first when sorted by popularity)

KF Prime Nite DLC Styled RTA SKU 9689837 (or SKU 9690050 because its a bit cheaper)

So these clones are on my wish list and some others too I wont list most of em are unknown cloner or dirt cheap ST clones because I would love to pay less than 20 bucks for a clone... Could you please help me narrow my list down? Feel free to reccomend ther versions that i may missed, I only searched "kf rta" and "tf rta" and I am certain that there are some versions of these two that are listed here without a mention that they are a kf/tf

Thank you very much in advance!

EDIT: $20 is not a price range, I pay more if it is really 1/1 with exceptional build quality. I just like to pay less... because then I could afford it earlier :)