Everyone has a different idea of best, and in my particular use, should be viewed as "my favorite"....but fair is fair!

Never tried the Shift, but honestly I kind of wrote it off, after a couple bad experiences with "super small" rdas (the Mikro, and that weird one with the giant vertical coil and the crappy "spin cap" airflow--can't remember the name)

Since that time, however, i've got along better with similar styles, like the Artoo and the poet...both high on my list of favorites. And your right, a bit of a drip tip helps! I'll eventually throw a shift kit on a 2eff order - they usually have it for cheap. And surely this whole time we haven't been talking about Direct Lung atties, have we? The Narca isn't my preferred atty, but is generally considered the "best"(there's that word again)MTL rda of all time, voted on by writers, insiders, and owners...and you know what? I'm not gonna argue that, it's a pretty legendary atty that broke a lot of ground.

Always good talking shop...have a good one!