Boshnaq wrote:

Thanks guys, all recommendations are appealing , I will review them a bit more and make my purchases.

there are some good ones listed, and you didn't give any real "mtl" requirements, so the recommendations run the gamut from super-tight to normal MTL. Many have problems with the lack of diversity in the nomenclature, with only two terms to define the opposite ends, with "RDL" catching everything else. It is what We have made it, and the real fact is, your MTL is what you like, not a preconceived notion of "proper" (i hate that term, there is no "proper" MTL unless YOU like it).

you don't mention squonk or drip really, but most listed are squonkers...though if you change juices frequently, dripping may suffice.

the best pure RDA listed here (I own them all, except Beserker and FEV) is the Sabre. SOOO good!

Good luck!