No, the NarDA and NarCA are absolutely not MTL RDAs, nor can they be made to work as MTL RDAs. You can adjust the airflow down to nothing, but they're absolutely horrid performers with an MTL-level draw. And yes, there absolutely are some really good MTL RDAs that not only have proper airflow, but chambers that make them good at MTL. You're simply not aware of them because you're not an MTL vaper and, frankly, don't care about MTL performance. And you love jumping to unjustified conclusions.

Mainstream? Berserker, Sting, 1928. All good. The Galaxies is okay if you want something at the loose end, but it sucks at a tighter draw. Higher end/clone? FEV, 900, Sprint, Sabre, Speed Revolution, XIV,... the list is long. And yes, I use RDAs quite often, though I've pretty much settles on a Speed Revolution Mini clone-ish (it's actually a 14mm downscaled version of the 18mm Speed Revolution rather than a clone of the Mini) for squonking and recipe tests.