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All Lizards are way overpriced. Nice mods, not any kind of "value" or cost-effective pricing going on. The other two are more in line with your notion, however. Lizards are cool, just not cheap, and we were talking value per dollar. I know they sell used for 200.00 and less...that would be cost-effective.I've got all three, lol...well not actually...I chose the 21700 Evo, not the Komodo.My SubMonkey is DNA60.

between (submonkey dicodes vs komodo v2 dna 75c) which one is better in use not cost.
I can't tell you honestly, as I mentioned I chose to get the Lizard Evolution 21700, instead if the more traditional Komodo. However, IF, and that's a huge IF--you can find a new Submonkey, regardless of chip, get one. More likely you will find one soon for a good reduced price on B/S/T forums, after initial hype wears off.

Keep in mind though that in the realm of squonks, the three we discuss are all "basically" the same...nylon 3d print shells, aftermarket BF 510, and premium chip. The only one with quick release bottle, and "no leak" bottle system, is the Sunbox. The others are traditional "jam the little tube on the 510" style just depends on what experience you want to have. All great mods.

One note of mention- If you are fond of the style of the M'Key (it seems like you are) Ckeck into the Mod Bros. FB Page, if you already haven't, and EVC Mods for great squonks from the USA in the same style.

The best squonk system is top fill but in high end you will not find anything special or innovative. I prefer topside lite over any high-end right now but I will keep looking for something special.