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#21 (permalink)      4/10/2021 9:16:09 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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philipvdb wrote:

When you buy a mod with bottom battery door for a "wow" price, that's where the problem lies. Bought a sigelei Shikra for 13$, really good looking mod but 2nd time i used it, the battery door had a problem. Tried to fix it just to bin it after a month.

I piss on your shoes

I humbly offer that yihi 550g I am still using, hinge bottom battery door and all!!!

so what if it's door hangs lower than grandma's tits every time I pick it up...

Up shit creek with a turd for a paddle
#22 (permalink)      4/11/2021 9:35:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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My more expensive Lost Vape and SX Mini mods have better quality doors/hinges than cheaper fare like Sigelei and Dovpo's Topside series. The fact that they CAN get it right makes it even more unforgivable. Some Chinese mods that I own that got it right:

Smok Mag P3
Sigelei Humvee
Wismec Tinker 2
Lost Vape Centaurus
SX Mini G Class

One thing in common? All have the sliding tab style lock, which IMO is the only way to go with hinged doors. I think the Aegis Legend has this style door as well, so obviously the manufacturers are very aware of the difference in quality/ price.

One upcoming mod to add to the list is Aspire's new "RHEA"...dual cell, shock resistant, color screen and locking battery looks good so far.

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