"I cant see you with the Juggerknot V2 as I seem to recall you not liking the Zeus X?"

Yeah not a fan at all of the Zeus X, but I don't see them as a 1 to 1. I felt like the Zeus X's build was so stupidly high up in the tank. My wicking travel time was just so much in it. I hated that about it. The Juggernaught V2, seems to be a good distance lower and the wicking looks to be a tad wider. I could totally be missing something though.

I am leaning towards the Reload 26 also a top airflow, I just think I will like that ones airflow more as it's not just the cutout portion. These things are always a bit of a guessing game though.

"Do you mean the Augvape Intake Dual?"

Oh shit my bad yes it is an Augvape product. Good catch!

"Yes, there are muted notes in top air flow but in my experience, so far for me the Zeus X was the best."

I feel like that is because they cheated the system a little, with the coils so high up. Like on the wasp nano RDA, the no drip tip I felt like was a cheat in a way. Take the drip tip off any RDA and the flavor is going to go up a bit. I fully understand I am being a tad silly with the whole idea of cheating the system. I just think that there are ways to take easy advantage with the design, and I respect it less. The intake gives me great flavor but the coils are in the base as intended. GTA style is fine, and I get that, but the sacrifice for wick travel is just allot. The balancing act of heat, and juice flow in an RTA to make it that perfect vape to me in the Z X was an annoyance. I wick to light, I get spit back, I wick to heavy it wont pull enough juice up fast enough, I wick to light it floods. I got it to work fine, but with the coils I like the heat was to much, so then I need less coil for my tastes. In the end I got good flavor out of it, and figured it out, but just didn't like the dynamics of it. I will need to try it again and see what I think. I have yet to like anything with that much wick travel distance though. The Rebirth RTA was the same exact feeling.

"Briefly looked at the Reload. I might be wrong but feel I might be better with the JK V3. I could be wrong though."

Honestly I don't think you could go wrong with one or the other. I think it is a splitting hairs difference between them. The thing that puts me off both of them is that they recommend 2.5mm coils in them. I like 3mm, it seems like a stupid small difference but I feel like with the fruit flavors I like, the sweetness comes out better from 3mm coils. You can put 3MM in both of them, just from the reviews it seems to block the airflow a little to much from what they say.

"The Steamcrave I believe I will have an easier time purchasing a month from now than the V3."

I think you are right I don't see the Steamcrave going away any time soon. Also from what you are saying about wanting less flavor, you might want to avoid it. I have a blueberry granola in one, and I like it less because the flavor is so strong. I think they designed the flavor before tanks were this good. It's also a bit to steeped.

"Gets so humid here that you really ought to have 2 showers a day on the most humid days"

Yeah reading the post from awhile back about how many showers some of the people here take, or how few I guess is better wording. They must live in less humid places, I am on the one to two showers a day especially here in the summer. Also I agree laying out on the beach, zero interest. It's just to freaking hot out! Swimming, fishing, whatever water sport totally cool, but just laying on a beach no thanks!

"You missed your calling. You should have been a vape shop owner/salesman 😛"

I applied for a job doing that here, just for something to do. The owner said I was to old, lol. Most of his staff is young, I get it. A buddy of mine wanted to work together in his shop, but he kind of had weird sketchy personal stuff going on and my wife hated the idea. Maybe one day though.