Purging: No, don't purge nor did the few mechs I used long ago. I put it down to the weather change, coming out of central air to high humidity in the summer but never an issue with top air flow.

I cant see you with the Juggerknot V2 as I seem to recall you not liking the Zeus X? As Richy said to me at twice + the price the flavour is the same as the Zeus X but you don't have the issue of the press fit chimney which is problematic in the Zeus. Unless worked with properly, the Zeus just floods. There is a secondary issue with the Zeus but for me once fixed it never appeared again. You had to take it apart and just lightly bang something on the top. Once done, it worked perfectly but over time with each re-wick the chimney inside would lose its ability to sit tight and would sometimes just drop down, flooding it again.

Having had 8-9 authentic, I got used to dealing with it but looking ahead, I want to buy a model, hopefully the V2 I love, wont have those issues and perhaps buy 2-3 and be done for the summer.

intake dual RTA from vandy

Do you mean the Augvape Intake Dual?

Briefly looked at the Reload. I might be wrong but feel I might be better with the JK V3. I could be wrong though.

Yes, there are muted notes in top air flow but in my experience, so far for me the Zeus X was the best.
That said, for my favourite e-juice mixes, I also have one made up in a mod with the Blitzen, where the flavour is admittedly a bit stronger for a couple of hits on that daily.
But for myself, I long ago reached a point where I tend to find most flavours now, a bit overpowering so I don't put my strongest mixes in a Blitzen but leave them for the Zeus X.

I guess what that means, in short is that for several years I did prefer the dense heavier vape of the Bellus, Moonshot, Blitzen but can no longer handle such strong flavouring for more than a couple of vapes here and there, and now welcome the "airier" top air flow.

I havent ruled out the V3. I will likely get it but just want to see the Fatality first. I don't find pleasure like many of you in discovering new atomizers, playing around with coils or wicking. I just want it done on the first try and not have to give it any more thought. I added the Fatality first as there were only a few left I could buy here so I went with that one first. I don't want to be overwhelmed with 3 new atomizer styles, also having to play around with new fancy coils I don't yet understand.

Feeling a bit of pressure to pick up the Juggerknot V3 as it too is sold out most places and I can get it on sale for $65 rather than $80 ATM. The Steamcrave I believe I will have an easier time purchasing a month from now than the V3. Those were the main reasons I decided to temporarily hold off.

Toronto has very high humidity in the summer time. It wasn't always this bad. Could partly also be an age thing.
I don't enjoy the high heat/humidity as I once did.
I havent much desire to go lay on a hot beach as I did years ago.
Gets so humid here that you really ought to have 2 showers a day on the most humid days.

You missed your calling. You should have been a vape shop owner/salesman 😛