I have it in the cart and will decide later this week. I have really started to love this JuggerKnot MR partly due to its great machining.

Took a while to grow on me, finding the right juice for it but enough to know I do want the JuggerKnot V2 but as I already have the Fatality 25 on route, I will hold off until I see how I feel about that one first.

But it sounds as if it will be perfect for dual coil use only, which is fine with me.

Not sure what you mean by purging though.

I have spent a lot of time in southern Florida, up and down the A1A from Miami, Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach but I didn't personally find it very humid, being so near the ocean. But perhaps I am wrong.

In humidity here, the very second you walk outdoors into the humidity, the juice automatically thins out and within seconds, without even vaping, 1-2 drops will spill out the side holes on attys such as the Blitzen.
Forget having such an atomizer tip upside down in your pocket.
But top airflow has never been a problem for me in that same situation.

Just dropped/lost my original Zeus X from 2+ years ago. Having problems with with another one from that same age which I don't imagine will last too much longer. And a recent one is already starting to have its inner chamber drop so more fiddling with it.

Hence, great machining, if even double ++ the price has become a more attractive option for me.