I had the first steam crave product too, still do some place. Your right, great build quality no flavor.

The V3 with the mesh deck, I don't care for it all that much. I have gotten decent flavor from the mesh deck but you really need to go pro with your wicking, it needs maximum cotton under the mesh and almost none in the juice wells. That is kind of hard to do and an annoying task imo.

Honestly mesh vapes are not for me so far. I have the V3 and the Kylin mesh, I don't like it at all really. Even if you get the flavor to be good it is a really cold weird vape. It feels like your vaping NOTHING, but then you exhale a ton of vapor. You can plow through juice and get nic-ed out but the quality of the vape is just lacking majorly imo.

The single coil is fine, nothing to write home about. You can buy a better single coil RTA. I think it is better than the Destiny and not as good as the Druga RTA, but not by much. I am not a big fan of single coil, if I had a 3rd V3 I would use the single coil and goof around with the mesh from time to time.

The dual coil is the place it shines the most, get it with dual coil only should be an option but for whatever reason it's not.

As far as the weeping like the blitzen, I get zero on both V3s not a drop or a drip or a smudge, nothing. Florida is super humid most of the year. I don't purge it, the blowing through it, so maybe if your someone who does allot of purging your mileage may vary.

If you love the blitzen, the V3 is honestly for you. If your kinda on the fence about the blitzen and prefer under coil airflow skip it. If your getting it for the mesh or the single coil, skip it.