Well, I hope it gets better for you. I hope I am really impressed or I might not bother with QP again.

I have ended up with 2 QP atomizers when I really only wanted the JuggerKnot V2 for its top airflow, the one I did not end up with.
That said, Richy did warn me beforehand not to bother with it unless I found it on sale, that for half the price the Zeus X was the same. I was willing to pay double just for the security of its machining.

The main thing that has prevented me from pulling the trigger on the V3 is that I don't expect it will do well in the humidity here. Much like the Blitzen or even the Bellus before it. But I trust the flavour is as exceptional as both you and Richy claim it to be.

I purchased the very first Steamcrave and the machining was wonderful but I found the flavour lacking. It was the one that had the black bands over it and many others felt as I did.

My Fatality should arrive here by Monday. Think I will hold off on the V3 until I receive this one. Not sure yet. The one review for the SKU I pointed towards really gives me pause to consider as he says exactly what I thought of the first one of theirs.

Busy now for a few hours and will decide when done if I pick this up today or just wait until the Fatality arrives.