Yes that is the one as long as it says advanced kit.

The Fatality you will need the bigger coils for. I have not tried it with little single wire dual coils, but from gauging it with my build, bigger is better. The 26X2 36 over works pretty good in it, but it could use a little more and be just fine.

From the 12 puffs on it so far it is really nice, but deeper into the clouds territory than I would figure you would want to be. Who knows though you might love it.

Build quality on it, I am not overly impressed. Getting the chimney and top to separate to remove the juice restriction was a nightmare. Then two of the screws for the leads were really tight to get them to back out. I needed more than the little blue it came with to get enough torque to get them out. Other than that though no scratches or dings, a little sharp nothing major. I just figured QP was going to be 100% buttery smooth for the price. It is as good quality wise as a Vandyvape product, and not as good as a steamcrave product.

It hits hard AF though, really smooth airflow, not loud at all, but not silent you get the woosh. Great flavor! I put a juice I know very well in and it's as good as in other things so far. Wicking was easy, and it is keeping up with ease at 105W.

The intake dual with the same juice is giving me better flavor though, sharper notes and sweeter, maybe I need to break in the cotton a bit more on this one though. Kind of early to give full opinions on it.