carrion4worm wrote:

If Paypal doesn't show up, and you can't get anything to work, log out and log back in...I've occasionally had Paypal not show up in payments options, but clearing out and returning has always got me going.

This isn't the issue most have experienced. The refusal to participate in a vaping related transaction is coming from PP themselves. Unfortunately, it's not 'fixable' by logging out and in again.

As I've previously said, if FT doesn't change their method of CC payment shortly (presumably PP is the cheapest option for them), and they've already had long enough to do so, I'll reluctantly be flying out of here.

I really don't see why customers should feel obliged to 'jump through gift certificate hoops' when the retailer is only too aware of the issue, and to date, has done f*ck-all about it.

It's up to you FT...