djvillan wrote:

Buy non related vape items and pay with PayPal. Then cancel your order and select gc as the refund option.

Add your vape items back in your cart, checkout and pay using the gc.

What I like about this, is that it makes it obvious to PayPal that their policy's are irrelevant. PayPal is going to have a rough year anyway, as DaBay is no longer allowing sellers to use PayPal/ Buyers can pay for items, but before, PayPal managed the transactions, and charged fees for it. PayPals contract was not renewed. Unfortunately, DaBay has gone full Hitler. If you wish to sell there, you must grant them full access to your bank account, enable them to remove funds as they see fit, for fines they might apply etc, or as a "bond" in case you fail to deliver, they insist you allow them permission to run credit checks on you, and if you do not agree, you don't get paid for any items you sell. The funds go into escrow until you comply, or you negotiate their release, for which they charge fines and fees. And of course, you are liable for any banking fees they incur on your account.

And people are going for it.