Well it's been a long, sometimes turbulent, but always entertaining ride. I started using Fasttech in the days when 15 watts was considered to be the pinnacle of vaping technology...
Back in the day when the forum was filled with wit and wisdom, advice was plentiful and the vape gear was less than half the price of domestically available products.
FT was the best site for vaping products; sometimes a bit slow but always arrived, the best customer service of any Chinese site and a forum that supplied useful information and banter.
I carried on using this site to keep up to date with products and to purchase the odd bargain long after i needed to.
The gradual erosion of FTs price supremacy, the increasingly slow shipments and constant restocking problems were a pain but, hey, you sort of get used to that. You even except the shit posters et al and convince yourself it's all in fun.
The final nail in the coffin though ? I can no longer pay for goods. Being forced to purchase gift certificates is just a step too far for me.
I really am torn as to whether Paypal/ Credit Card companies have done me a massive disservice or a huge favour. Time will tell.