The Sine MTL RTA can also be added to the list for good throat hit. It's better than the DVARW for throat hit and also a little better for flavour. It's still one of my favourite MTL RTA.

For wicking rayon or viscose (depending where you live) gives better throat hit compared with organic cotton. The wicking is much better and you can easily use 2mm coils without having to worry about dry hits. Smaller diameter coils give better throat hit. For small diameter coils you can roll the rayon or viscose between your fingers because the wick has to sit tight in the coil. Make sure your hands and fingers are clean when using rayon or viscose because that's why it can taste bad with a new wick

For low nicotine juice add a few drops Flavour West Capsicum (I'm currently using 3 drops Flavour West Capsicum for 50ml juice) to your liquid for better throat hit. This can be used with any liquid because it doesn't change the flavour. For tobacco flavours you can als use pepper flash.