Yes I suppose the most used takes are usually the best kept.., but sometimes, if you go too long without re-wicking, you will get leaking on a refill, and know it's time for a change up... @carrion4worm FT told me on my most recent ticket, that the 'semi orange' YFTK Billet Box that I recently ordered, is finally out of stock.., however, they said they can exchange it with a BX blue YFTK Billet Box (also the DNA60 version) .... I was pleasantly surprised... I told them to do the exchange.., but haven't heard back on my ticket... it took 15 hours after they wrote it for me to see it and respond... and now its about 20 hours since my response... I hope I didn't miss out somehow... does the FT staff still work on the weekends, anyone know?
Also, Wylie, do you have any photos of what you are talking about? I'm having trouble visualizing much of it..Thanks..