Hey guys,
Thanks for the feedback... After reading your replies last night..., I decided to give it another go... I bought a condensation plug a few days ago, but seeing it hasn't arrived yet.., I decided to use the advice above... Use more cotton, and leave the filled Boro outside of the billet for a while... So, I rewicked and left it out over night... No
Leaking!!! Guess it was beginners ...bad luck? Lol..

But then... Today I had to drive from my house ,(sea level, on the Eastern shoreline of Delaware.. To my parents mountain house in Western PA.... I took the Boro back out for starting the drive, because from previous and unfortunate learning experiences.... That elevation will draw the juice out of your RTA and can even do it to ejuice bottles occasionally... I usually separate my tanks from the mods on those trips, close juice flow, AFC, etc..
Sure enough, the Boro leaked..., but not nearly as bad as those other times... I gave it a bit of a refill... It's doing just fine again... Thanks for the support all !! (Sometimes ya just need that extra push of reassurance.lol ) take care..