You dont have to make your billet suffer the wrath either...simply leave it out until you gauge your wicking job. Remember the rba inside the Boro needs to be seated properly if left out of the Billet, which means push it down from the top until it stops(just like if the drip tip adapter/integrated tip was tightened down)

You will save your Billet innards from juice. Also, your Billet probably has juice inside of it now, so when not in use, stand it staight up so the juice can drain out - usually around the screen plate and the fire button plate on the reverse side. Juice gets in around the positive pin where the rba connects...that can be sealed, but if you're not careful/ aware of Billet workings you can damage your device.

good luck, everything is located in that little Boro, and you have to master it. Billets are the kings of fiddly, but are very rewarding and problem free, when you get it!