Hey gang,

This is my first thread..(outside reviews or product discussion).. so bare with me please..

I can't stop my Billet Box from leaking... This is the newer 2020 black SXK version.. I carefully built and wicked the Kanger sub tank bridge... Leaked everything.. Twice...

Decided to just go right for the SXK Vapesnail... (Figured it would be easier than using a stock Boro and bridge setup..)
The same thing happened! ...I don't understand what the problem is with it..Now, i'm afraid I'm gonna end up drowning/ruining this Billet... Very unfortunate.,

I do have plenty of vape experience.., RTAs/RDAs, mech mods, sub tanks, MTL, DL, series builds, and ...AIOs....

I regularly use a Dotmod SE Aio daily... I also use an Ohm Vape AIO... I have not had any problems with either.. They both can take the same Boro/bridge setup... I have used stock coils, Ohm Vape rba, and the Ulton DotShell rba (that I'm using now..).
It has only leaked on me a couple times, faintly... The Billet, however, vapes and ohms out well.., BUT, the juice leaks right out when I leave it on its own... It doesn't just leak slightly or condensation leak, it all comes out.. It doesn't take long either... Maybe ten minutes after Im done vaping..
This is very upsetting and disappointing because I had high hopes for it... :/ Also, I already spent a lot more $ money for customizing; accessories, bridges, and even a second Billet Box (YTFK)..and these DNA versions aren't so cheap.

Please, if anyone has any advice, suggestion, trouble-shooting, tips, opinions, input, solutions.., etc.. Anything that may help.. Please respond.. I'm in desperation need of feedback. I can't understand where it might not be sealed? ..or what I may have left out..

Thank You for your time!
I appreciate your efforts..