stopped posting here years a go

a guy once wanted reviews and information about a mod that just came out, i had luckily got one locally before fasttech had shipped theirs

so i provided information and some other stuff

well the guy got so offended he changed the name of the thread to something snarky like " Macro's review thread its his now i'll make a new one"

asked the mods to change the thread title or delete it and they couldn't understand why it was a bad thing and refused to change it or delete it.. ugh

he kept posting how i was ruining his thread with the information he asked for...

it was that day i knew fasttech forums were just full of crackheads and only a few decent people were actually on here who wanted to share information about products and such

AndyK - you are the reason i only use SidChrome wire cutters now and not the cheapies on here , very scary what happened to you, i am glad its all ok and you didn't end up with any long lasting issues from it

the other reason is, Fasttech just doesn't stock as much as it used to, a lot of things are out of stock or discontinued, back in the earlier days there was so much choice and more things in stock, now you have to jump on things quickly if you see its available