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VaporCaper wrote:I've been around for a while but I tend to drop in an out of the forums. Last time I posted here there was a lot of weirdness so I've given it a miss for a while - but i still buy my gear from here.LOL I was thinking as soon as I create this thread, the nasty will be back shooting out some 500 emails to my inbox :DBut glad the bugger has left. It was then when I stopped posting since nasty wouldn't leave a chance to spam my threads. Oh well, he wouldn't miss a chance to crap in every new thread back then lol.No idea who gave you a hard time but I don't give a flying fuck about shit that comes my way. I simply post what I wan't when I wan't.

My FT. Lazyfitter posts my real name as an attempted form of intimidation. Thought I was sharing posts with adults not children.

Bollocks as usual.... I posted the name that you yourself made public on this forum when you were drunk posting. Only because you were trying to bait another forum user. You've obviously taken it to heart as here you are, months later,needlessly mentioning the incident in a thread that is specifically about old timers.
Have we had any social intercourse since? No. So why do you feel the need to elevate this again? Believe me lad, I can slag you from now to doomsday and you will get sick of it before I do. If that is what you are attempting to start here of course?
Have at it lad, but only if you can take what you give out without throwing an internet tantrum as you have many times before.
I have no wish to interact with you..... your choice.