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VaporCaper wrote:I've been around for a while but I tend to drop in an out of the forums. Last time I posted here there was a lot of weirdness so I've given it a miss for a while - but i still buy my gear from here.LOL I was thinking as soon as I create this thread, the nasty will be back shooting out some 500 emails to my inbox :DBut glad the bugger has left. It was then when I stopped posting since nasty wouldn't leave a chance to spam my threads. Oh well, he wouldn't miss a chance to crap in every new thread back then lol.No idea who gave you a hard time but I don't give a flying fuck about shit that comes my way. I simply post what I wan't when I wan't.

My FT. Lazyfitter posts my real name as an attempted form of intimidation. Thought I was sharing posts with adults not children.

Oh I was talking about the spammer who was going non-stop. He didn't bother me but just that he was fingering into every convo with hundreds of porn pics and silly replies :)

Oh well, that's all over .. I suppose.