Still.Me wrote:

I had several YiHi mods before this SL but I too prefer the original buttons, rather than the joystick.

That is one reason why I havent hopped on these deals.

Both the G-Class and the Q-Mini were released at much the same time, giving people the choice of menu buttons or joystick, on what are essentially identically performing mods.

At the time of release, people did site a preference for the Q-Mini over the G's differing menu system and joystick control. And yet over time, the G outsold the Q-Mini many times over, becoming one of Yihi's best selling devices.

To be honest, I took to the joystick control very quickly, and have no preference between that or button control. But yes, some never did get used to that silver nipple, and claimed similar when the Proton and it's joystick (from Innokin) made an appearance last year.