erez1063 wrote:

So there's no really any difference what so ever between all the brands here? not even one that is much better than the others?

Well, some of it is much more expensive and has vape branding. And there are people who swear that one brand of repackaged cotton untwisted cord is much better than another brand of exactly the same repackaged untwisted cotton cord because it says "pro" or something in the name. Clean, unbleached cotton with the fibres lined up is clean, unbleached cotton with the fibres lined up - it's not like anybody's got their own special breed of cotton plant or a revolutionary new fibre-lining-up process or anything, they just wash it, comb it and card it like everybody else. Some of it gets made into pads, some of it gets made into cord. Some of it gets packaged for vaping and costs twenty times as much because "vape".