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Who here is an ex smoker that completely quit because of vaping...
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djvillan wrote:

God damn, sounds like you're all old farts compared to me. 41.

Don't worry.
You'll also get there in due time, sonny.

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I'm 66 and started smoking as a teenager. In 2014 bought an Ego with an Evod and smoked and vaped for about 2 month till I realized I liked vaping better and never bought cigarettes again. Tried a cigarette a few years ago and it was awful.
I'm not conceited, but god knows I have reason to be!
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What strikes me the most from that period of time is the little amount of money that was invested in these tours. When I saw Hendrix ( and I was straight for that concert ) a guy jumped the stage and stole Jimi's microphone. After the second song. Well, believe me or not, Hendrix got on the other microphone that the bassist was using and pleaded with the thief to bring it back, because they DID'NT HAVE A BLOODY SPARE !!! Guy never brought it back...Jimi sang with the bassist the whole show. Imagine that would be unthinkable.
When woodstock was in full swing, at the very same time, Terre Des Hommes had booked Zappa and the Mothers for 5 consecutive days, 2 shows a day for free. That's mainly why I never went to Woodstock...and happy I saw Zappa instead. All ten shows.
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Started vaping the first day of 2012, haven't smoked a cig since, smoke weed everyday though 😮
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In '69 I was working for a promoter as a gofer. I overheard a lot of negotiations with band managers for the festival being worked on. Jimi, being top draw, was paid top dollar....get this, 20 Grand total. This from receipts expected in the hood of around 2 million. Of course there were 30 other bands in the lineup. The whole event turned to shambles the first day when the un-ticketed crowd crashed the fencing and overwhelmed security.

After the event, I was told, the promoter skipped with the gate and no-one got paid beyond deposits. That is except Jimi and Eric Burdon who negotiated to be paid off as they took the stage.

At around 2:20 the two dudes behind Jimi's amps are my best friends at the time....I am in the tower above where the film is being shot.

Edited on 8/2/2020 at 11:58 AM. Reason:
I'm out.....have some fun. Eh?
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I know......they were all paid peanuts, and a lot of expenses were paid by the band themselves.
The first band to gouge the price of tickets was the Stones. Well, not the Stones....Mick Jagger decided to go frm 3/4 dollars to 12.50...and they also started to fire a lot of managing thieves who were robbing everyone blind.
Jaggers studies in a business school paid off in the end.

BTW.....nice gig you got there 😎
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Like many here no doubt, I was fortunate in that I never had to pay to see a show. Have seen thousands. Too many to remember them all. Pricing these days is outrageous. 🤣
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I'm a young married man, I quit smocking last week on the advice of my wife.
We haven't seen Hendrix nor The Who for our honeymoon.
She prefers shopping.
My credit card is getting quite hot.

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Over 30 years on the stickers and nothing but vape now.
Always keep your ear to the ground!
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37 yrs. I was a really needy smoker. I'd walk out of meetings with my CEO present, come back in stinking of fags. Guess I got away with it as they pittied me. Typical morning. Wife & kids eat breakfast, I was straight ot the door for another cig. Probably took me best part of a year mix & matching stinkies with 24mg on cartos and later ProTank minis to quit.

Nowadays zero nic atties, drip a little nic in the evening. I have a 500ml bottle of 72mg that I will never finish.

Bought two packs of stinkies last year, maybe buy another pack soon as is playing on my mind. No big deal, just a reminder that cigs taste awful. And they really do. How TF did I ever get myself hooked on these nasty things.
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Here...2009, eGo. Bought it out of curiosity, never looked back. Nic-free for over a year too.
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