blackhack wrote:

I've got a claim in at Paypal for a three month old delivery from fasttechI can't seem to be able to cancel it on the Paypal page as the bloody coils actually turned up out of the blue this morning...So, if the paypal dispute refunds me my 28 bucks I'll pay the money back to fasttech....I may buy cheap knock off kit, but I'm honest....:) :)

How many of us have received random packages from Amazon, cheap tat that is no use whatever so just goes in the bin? I have ended up out of pocket returning wrong items to Amazon. Suppliers fault, not mine as they sent the wrong size. In my case the cost of returning the items(a pair of neon tubes) was more than they cost. Amazon refund was minimal, would have been less out of pocket if I had just thrown my order in the bin and placed a new order.

No need to feel guilty blackhack, the situation is not of your making. Just take it,you might get screwed on your next order.

Swings & roundabouts.