I find the landlord thing interesting. It was a good attempt at a solution, your right the grocery stores and what not did not have to take a 25% hit, but at the same time I would think keeping the place rented is more logical then potentially spending a month or two with nothing.

I have found it rather perplexing as well. I will be speaking with a lawyer of ours next week that has a few corporate landlords as clients and will be asking for his opinion as none of what I have heard so far makes any sense.
Unless it is a negotiating tactic to pay less tax, etc; once it is sorted out, I really cant say.

Just yesterday they were threatened with action if any more were evicted without the landlord making use of the fund but that seems to be nothing more than a political ploy without follow through for we are 2 months into this. Here there were orders that personal tenants could not be evicted throughout this crisis yet no such order was devised for commercial renters.

So, basically, who knows.

The only vape store i deal with here, Dash Vapes has several locations and would be the one most likely to survive but there are many one shop versions that made the bulk of sales by being a place in which to hand around & test out flavouring so not sure curb side access would have saved them but time will tell.