"@ES. Toronto is like NYC so ones $2k wouldn't go anywhere as far as it would for you in Florida. It will help some people for 1-2 months at the most but really stretched."

I can totally understand that, but at the same time I wasn't just talking about Toronto. NYC got 1,200.00 and Florida, and LA... So 2K a month is a big leap towards making ends meet from a one time payment of 1,200.00. It is part of the reason so many people in so many jobs kept working. It was impossible for them to stop and be quarantined. It was billed as a stimulus, definition is, stimulus refers to attempts to use monetary or fiscal policy to stimulate the economy. IMHO, They didn't even meet the most minimal requirements for a large portion of the population let alone stimulate the economy in any way. I was lucky and didn't need to depend on it, but looking at the two countries it is clear Canada did more dollar for loonie, or what ever it is you call your dollar.

"In any event, the above wouldn't be of interest to anyone outside of here"

I find the landlord thing interesting. It was a good attempt at a solution, your right the grocery stores and what not did not have to take a 25% hit, but at the same time I would think keeping the place rented is more logical then potentially spending a month or two with nothing.

The vape shops is interesting, I know right before the shut down one of my local shops had not stocked up enough before the China holiday, so when that got extended with a lock down they were closer to out of stock on coils and gear. Then we went to lock down, and I have not been in since. They did a curb side delivery option and I don't think ever fully closed.