@ES. Toronto is like NYC so ones $2k wouldn't go anywhere as far as it would for you in Florida. It will help some people for 1-2 months at the most but really stretched.

No idea why at the moment why the commercial landlords aren't acting upon it. There was a tax benefit that ended in 2018 which would have explained it had that not ceased. Perhaps if a building is to be sold its easier to do so without a tenant but that doesn't explain every one of them not accessing the fund.

Difficult situation for landlords are always demonized. So one might ask, why should a landlord take a 25% cut while the politicians themselves aren't? Are grocery stores cutting their prices by 25%, and so on.

On the other hand do we know just how viable those businesses really were? Should they have run into financial difficulty that quickly?
If that were the case, then one might be grateful said landlord is not taking on more of the public funds and dragging this out by extending those leases, if they aren't viable.

In any event, the above wouldn't be of interest to anyone outside of here but it has had me wondering how the city Vape stores must be doing, especially the smaller one shop location sort. Surprised I havent heard of any of them yet going down but even when retail does open later next week I believe, how long will they be made to wait for new shipments to arrive out of China? 😛

I stocked up on both my needed Vape flavourings, VG/PG and a couple One Shots just in case...