So you had to use an outhouse all that time? I bet you were so happy to get back to a normal potty!

"All good over there?"

Took me awhile to get back to you, I was eating dinner and shut my computer off, and then forgot about the message today because it wasn't highlighted. Things are fine here for the most part. Everything is shut down, but I work from home always, so it has not been a big deal. My wife picked up working from home really fast and did great with it. My son's school I don't think will be open the rest of this school year, but that is only till the end of this month. We are level 1 open, and reading what that means it is basically everything is still pretty much shut down.

Toilet paper was pretty hard to find for awhile, supposedly meat it going to be harder to find soon, but right now there are just a few less options then we normally have.

Running out of things to watch on TV, but other then that stuff, things are good man. Finally got the stimulus check mid week this week.. That was nice but it is a little bit of a BS amount of money for how long things have been shut down. Far better then nothing! I heard in Canada they get like 2 grand a month!

So how is your juice thing going, you still doing that? I have been hooked on Unicorn Frappe ejuice lately, it is Raspberry, Mango, Cotton Candy, Whipped Cream flavor. I don't know how they do it but it doesn't taste distinctly like any of that, it's this fruity candy sweet jumble of flavors that play nicely together. That and God Nectar Passion fruit, orange, mango and guava. The God nectar is similar, but much different you vape it some times and you get mango, other times you taste an orange guava flavor, some times it just tastes like a mix of all of it, so it is kind of fun to vape.