Canada, and it's just flavourings I can't get here. We have a number of good vendors and a lot of choice, but they're stuck with FlavourArt North America as a source for FA flavourings (FA enforces that along with FANA). So I use Chef's for the popcorn-lung-yummyosity. As for shortfills, I don't use them myself, but I did have some connections to UK juices thanks mostly to Martyn Parker. Mum's Custard was a good 'un - but it's an easy clone as well, and since I've gone DIY I haven't ordered finished liquids from the UK. I also buy a couple of Decadent Vapours flavourings our vendors don't carry (or list but never have in stock - life without Sherbet Lemon or DV Absinthe isn't worth living... or, rather, not worth living without griping about it all day, every day, until people start throwing things at you. Hard, heavy things. I can't duck as well as I used to anymore, so it's just easier to go to the DV page and pay the man.)