Joyetech Delta
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#1 (permalink)      3/9/2020 3:45:31 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Joyetech Delta
I was given one of these atomisers and it rocks.. But I cant find replacement coils that will ship to New Zealand.
Fastech have sold out of these Authentic Joyetech Delta II LVC Ti Coil Head (5-Pack)SKU 2892700
Does anyone have a solution? will anything else fit this atomiser perhaps?
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There were a few tanks that would take Delta coils (when you swapped out the right parts), like the Tobeco Supertank, but I don't recall anyone making alternate coils that would fit the Delta. Unfortunately, it lost out badly in the early sub-ohm days (to the Aspire Atlantis/Triton, the Kanger Subtank, and the Sense Heracles) and it just went away quietly. I haven't seen one, or anyone carrying coils for it, in years.
#3 (permalink)      3/9/2020 5:18:38 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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There is and RBA kit for this tank, or maybe you can try to rebuild your used coils if you dont find any new ones, there is some videos on youtube for this.
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+1 details
There are place in China and USA that have the coils and the RBA. Find them at Vape cr@wler . com
Vaper buys pod system, asks for a 510 adapter. LOL for days