Long story short I started this because they raised the price of the swag 2 and I was gonna buy that but I got the ratel xs in today.. and dam this thing is sweet in brushed gunmetal.. and it vapes so so so nice. Build is awesome feels nice and hefty but not too heavy just quality.

Nothing like the vincis or rpm40's. Honestly not even in same category.. THIS is a mod and I am sooo happy I got it.. I dont even want the swag now. Gonna enjoy this new and will get it when I get tired of this.
Just spend my money on dual coil deck and other supplies at the moment so I can just change tanks with flavors. I have 3 juices that I like to rotate and like to switch with coffee ect plus one is a menthol. So just swapping out tanks works for me. Plus I have enough juice for the day without bottles. Little cotton in case I need, battery and I am good to go.

This is my first real device. I had juul, caliburn and vinci and dam this ratel xs is where it's at for dl vaping...